Thursday, April 29, 2010


Teener's mom is a big-time gardener. Every spring she arrives with flats of vegetables and flowers for us. For her birthday this year Big Ed bought her a greenhouse kit. So it was all set, as soon as the weather got nice we would head to Cleveland and help them build it.

The dimensions of the house are 8'x6', and we decided to place it on pavers. So, Teener's mom made countless trips to Lowes to buy pavers in batches of 25, and she excavated the ground where the base would be built.

The week before our trip the weather was a nice low 70s, and mostly sunny. So why wouldn't it rain and hail on us during the weekend. Anyway, we endeavored to persevere.

Ed, Sue and Teener layed the foundation, and I assembled the kit. Hopefully, we could all get it done in one day.

Here is the patch that Sue dug out. Not too shabby for a 60 year old woman. Hell, I'd be proud if I dug it.

Diligently laying out all the pieces:

Here we are moving an old beam to serve as the back edge of the foundation.

Here is Sue realizing we are going to need a lot more limestone:

Here I am cyphering the mostly correct instructions:

More sand going into the PSUMobile:

Here is Ed, gently tapping some pavers into position:

The frame of the greenhouse is complete and ready to be moved onto the pavers:

Serendipitously, the frame was ready for the base at the same time the base was ready for the frame. At this stage the greenhouse weighs about 100lbs, and was easily moved. Here is Ed drilling holes for the anchors:

Sue, and her trusty wagon:

Here's Ed, giddy from getting to use his drill bits:

Installing the windows:

Ed, surveying the progress thus far:

Sue installing the shelves:

Ed and Sue in their completed greenhouse:

We were all thrilled to be done in one day at a reasonable hour, and Ed and Sue took us out for a great Italian dinner.

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