Thursday, April 29, 2010

Tyler Stout Poster Frame

Tyler Stout is a pretty great artist, and I've started to collect his work.

I don't remember where I first heard about him, but I know it had to do with a movie poster. Along with his personal projects and band posters, he does these epic movie posters for the Alamo Drafthouse, which also has a cult following all its own. He makes severely limited runs, doesn't reprint, and they sell out fast. You have to be fast/lucky to get one. I recommend you don't even try, mainly because I don't want any more competition.

I was able to get a two part poster set he created for a screening of The Warriors, and awesome dystopian look at New York City. It was released in 1979, and it is great.

It took a little while for inspiration to strike, but I eventually came up with what I think is a pretty good frame concept. It isn't the most unique idea, but I think it fits the poster and the movie pretty well.

I was leaving a client's office about a month ago, and in the alley behind her office someone had thrown out a couple old exterior windows. I am a sucker for these, and I have several already in my garage. These looked to be just about the right size to convert into a frame for the poster. All it required was a little trimming, and a quick cut to the glass to get it down to size, and I really think they turned out perfect.

Not bad for trash picking.

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