Thursday, August 12, 2010

Canned Tomatoes

This is our vegetable garden. And by our garden, I mean Teener's garden. She decides what to plant, and where, and I dutifully agree with her. That isn't to say I can't garden, I have grown successful gardens in my past, and I come from a long line of farmers. It's just that this is her hobby, and I don't feel the need to go poking around in it.

It is placed between two garages, and it basically swims in sunlight all day. The first year we planted a ton of tomato plants, and we ended up with an impenetrable jungle of rotting tomatoes. Last year we planted a lot less, but we still had too many plants, and in a fit of cleverness, we planted the earlier ripening ones in the back. This year we planted a dozen different varieties, and that seems to be the perfect number.

We are now at the phase where we are getting more tomatoes than any reasonable person has use for, so I decided to can some. I have done a bunch of canning in the past, so this wasn't new territory.

I won't go into a ton of detail about canning, this is the internet, and there are tons of resources.

Here is my bounty:

And here it is cooking down after it was all peeled and seeded:

All that I added to it was a little salt, basil (from the garden), a shit-ton of garlic and some lemon juice as a preservative.

And here are the rewards:

I suspect that I will be able to get at least two more batches like this out of the garden.

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