Monday, August 2, 2010

Frames and More Frames

Teener used to live with a bisexual chic artist. I mention that because it is awesome.

Anyway, this is a self portrait that she left with her. I made the frame out of oak that I notched on the table saw, and then notched with a coping saw to get it all to fit together.

There is a story behind this poster. A buddy of mine traveled somewhere down south (I want to say it was a Virginia, but it might not have been) to purchase a barnfound VW bus. It was an old split window that some olde timer parked in his barn about 40 years ago. The old guy said he parked it after returning from the inaugural race at MIS. When my buddy got it home he started tearing it apart, and in an oil stained folder under the passenger seat was a folded up copy of the race program. I loved the design, so I had it scanned and enlarged. I made a simple oak frame with a dark stain. I am pretty happy with it.

And lastly, my pal Mattie is a painter (and musician/sculpter/gardner/bartender/dog owner/drunk). I have been trying to get a painting from him for years, and he always demurred, saying he wanted to paint something special or some other excuse. About a year ago we were hanging out after the bar closed, and I informed him that I was going downstairs to where he paints, and I was stealing a painting. And that is what I did. It's oil on paneling. For the frame I used some wood that I salvaged from a sandbox that was in the back yard. The wood has a nice weathered look that I think fits the piece. I did a little cleaning on the table saw, stained it (over the weather damage) and added a couple polyacrylic coats.

*we don't normally have this much crap on the mantle.

If Sam ever ends up reading this, I want you to know, I have framed your painting, and it is hanging in the house, but i am not thrilled with what I came up with. As soon as I can come up with a frame I am proud of I will display it here.

And I would also like to give some props to my buildshitwoman. Teener is no slouch in the creating department herself. I found this oak chair in the trash next to a friend's house. The wood and construction is solid (it just needed a little scrubbing), only the upholstery was missing. She was able to put this together, and made a pretty great chair. She also made the ottoman quite some time ago.

Finally, we had some friends over for the weekend, and after some wine we started doing some long exposure sparkler photos. Here is the family portrait we came up with.

That's about it for now.

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  1. Hey super-cool family portrait! The baby is so-o-o-o tiny! Sweet.