Monday, March 12, 2012

TV Stand

I built a TV stand. For the past 2 years our TV has "temporarily" sat on the basic stand that it comes with. I've never liked it, it sits too low, takes up too much space, is annoying to keep clean, and generally unattractive. The problem was deciding what to do about it.

Teener picked out a new rug for the back room, and a couch is on the way. Saturday she deep cleaned and sealed the floor, and put a pad under the new rug. I wasn't going to let her have a plus column day all to herself, so I decided to tackle the TV.

I purchased some angle iron, and put this together in about an hour or so:

It might not be the most attractive thing in the world, but it matches the base of the coffee and side tables. It is sort of a test of concept, and most of the frame will be hidden. My main goals where to make it simple, hide the cables, bring it to a better viewing height, and not have to drill into the walls. Also, the whole thing cost around $40 to build, which is way better than the $100 wall mounts that in my opinion rarely hold the TV back as far to the wall as I like, and still leave a lot of cable management problems.

The weather was great, and it was a perfect excuse to use the welder, angle grinder and little drill press. That's about it.