Friday, June 7, 2013


There are no small projects, although some are bigger than others.

Our store bought Play-Doh was a dried out melange of crumbly colors, and had to be thrown out. And, I never seem to remember that I need to buy more. Claire doesn't seem to understand that her dad is a dolt, and has consistently asked for some every day. So, today I got in touch with my inner-hippy-artist that was handed down to me from my mom, and we made our own.

This was the recipe we used, and I gotta say, it worked well.

Here's the dry ingredients (this is the Le Creuset dutch oven my sister got us for a wedding present. That thing works great for everything.)

After adding the water. I used the still warm water from the kettle I recently boiled for tea. It all came together a lot quicker than I expected it to.

Dough rolled out and cooling.

Quality Control Tester inspecting my work.

And now we play...

It passes the "Does it stick to windows?" test.

And it works well with the Play-Doh accessories.

So, for about 15 minutes worth of work, and a bucks worth of materials, I've managed to make a little camper pretty happy.